Canadian Arena Services


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Areas of Practice

Ice Painting & Logo Installation

Canadian Arena Services team of professional ice painters can have your ice painted and logos installed in less than 6 hours. Increasing the amount of time that is available to be rented and also reducing your utility and labour costs.

ON SITE training

Our experienced CAS team offers on site certified training for facility operators to build upon the learnings of Arena Level 1. Satisfies OH&S’ requirement for Site Specific training.


CAS can assist your facility by completing maintenance that staff doesn’t have time to complete. Some areas include RO Water Treatment maintenance, White & Kick Strip replacement, gate adjustments, etc.

Arena & Event Consulting

CAS offers consulting services indoor and outdoor ice events.

Special Event Ice Tinting

For promotions such as raising awareness for Breast Cancer, CAS has installed tinted pink ice for special nights.

Ice Plant & building automation Services

CAS provides services anyone in need of ice plant operation and building automation services.